What is an upstreak and how to start it?

As we have already mentioned, the dispersion in poker is the difference between mathematically expected results and reality. However, this difference doesn’t necessarily have to be negative for the player. Sometimes, players face a period of constant wins. This is known as the upstreak. Your winrate, alongside your bankroll, increases during an upstreak, and in-game events almost seem to favor you.

As is the case with the downstreak, the upstreak is something every poker player encounters sooner or later. New players often fall victims to upstreaks, since a prolongated period of victories boosts their confidence in their poker skills, discouraging them from actually becoming better at the game and relying more on something they perceive as “good luck”. Unfortunately, upstreaks (just like downstreaks) tend to end, and when this happens, inexperienced players face the harsh reality. 

But is there a way to initiate an upstreak yourself, on your terms? Both yes and no. Of course, by sharpening your poker skills, you’ll become a better player overall, which increases your mathematical chances of winning and decreases your reliance on luck. However, even the best players cannot artificially maintain an upstreak, so there is no point in trying to initiate it. Upstreaks come and go, but what remains is your skill, the knowledge of the game, and self-disciplines – in a long term, all of these aspects combined will bring you more victories than some periods of good luck.

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