Poker self-tutorials – a collection of self-study resources

Books as self-study poker instruction
Despite the fast advancement of technology, many people still rely on books as their major source of instructional knowledge. To become a strong player, you should read as much as possible. Learning tactics, procedures, mathematical features, and psychological considerations all contribute to a strong income over time. It is critical that you choose a book that is suitable for your present level. Three common choices for beginners are listed below.
Poker for Dummies.
The book introduces the fundamental laws and terminologies before moving on to basic methods. The author does not limit himself to Texas Hold’em, but also discusses Omaha, Stad, Stad High-Low, and even live game features. This makes it much simpler if you need to cover numerous disciplines at once. Overall, the book is intended for users who are inexperienced with or just starting to understand the fundamentals of poker.
The Little Green Book
Large amounts of information may not necessarily include meaningful lessons. For example, Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book has a wealth of sound information. Tiltboy, the author, has won more than $3,000,000 in live poker events. He was a member of the FullTilt Poker room team from its start and was engaged in the development of the site’s software.
There’s a lot here: true tales, real-life instances of hands, poker theory, strategy, and game psychology. If you’re bored of gathering knowledge about Hold’em from hundreds of articles on every website, read Little Green Book: Lessons and Teachings in No Limit Hold’em.
Harrington on Hold’em
Harrington on Hold’em is considered a classic of poker literature. Dan Harrington is a professional who has earned over $6,600,000 in live event cashes. He was elected into the World Series of Poker Hall of Fame in 2010.
Because the author couldn’t fit everything into one book, it’s divided into three volumes. The first, “The Strategic Game,” provides a wealth of foundational knowledge regarding Texas Holdem and the tournaments that follow its rules. Dan advises that the book will be most valuable to those who consider themselves MTT players and wish to progress in that direction.
“Harrington on Hold’em” may be of interest even to individuals with little poker expertise. The book promotes a positive attitude toward the card game and explains some of its mysteries.
The second section, titled “The Ending Phase,” is also beneficial. It is intended for expert poker players who have previously mastered the teachings in the first volume. Harrington has said several times that the second section is unsuitable for reading as a standalone book. Only in the order of publishing.
The Workbook, the trilogy’s last installment, was released in 2006. Dan Harrington and Bill Roberti collaborated on this book. They emphasized the fundamental concepts of the game in Hold’em tournaments and presented them to readers in the most understandable manner.
While the previous two volumes of the work were primarily theoretical in nature, the last one concentrates on practical abilities. It features 50 real-life scenarios from prominent tournament tables. The writers meticulously investigated each case and, in addition to the primary one, included numerous alternate variations of the draw.
Mobile Applications
You can put what you’ve learnt into practice after reading a few books. You don’t have to start with poker rooms since they provide incentives when you join up. In fact, they encourage you to play for real money as quickly as possible since the offers are only good for a limited time.
As a result, valuable mobile apps may be developed in advance. This is important for players who don’t have much time, have a primary job, and don’t yet see poker as a source of extra revenue.
App to Teach You How to Play Poker.
Learn Poker by Youda Games is the first on the list of tried-and-true poker self-tutorials. The interactive instruction, which takes place in four parts, is the greatest part. The written presentation of the content is supported with gaming examples:
The fundamentals of poker – rules and vocabulary; combinations – kinds and seniority; tactics – basic notions of strategy; and bluffing – principles of successful application.
After completing the four stages, the user is given the option of taking a material knowledge exam. The exam is carried out in the form of a game versus virtual opponents. The application evaluates the activities and provides feedback on the degree of training. The program is intended for novices who are unfamiliar with the regulations. It works both online and offline.
Learn Poker does not teach or guarantee how to play successfully, but rather provides an introduction to the approach.
One of the downsides is that the program often contains advertisements; the premium version does not. They may, however, be prevented simply shutting off the Internet while training.

ATHYLPS is a mobile simulator-trainer developed to help you master the game and increase your strategic ability. ATHYLPS presents the general rules, table of poker combinations, descriptions, principles of construction, and probability of falling out.
Complete list of topics: identifying outs; calculating pot odds; practice modes; statistics on exercises accomplished.
The application collects numerous examples and monitors the user’s outcomes. A “Should I take the bet” game is also included in the feature. In it, the poker player is presented with a deck of cards and alternatives for potential responses – the goal is to find the greatest possible combination.
The program is continually being updated, but one drawback remains: an iOS version has yet to be launched. The second point is that the first two exercises are free, but the following ones are not.
Unlike the previous two programs, this poker self-study is intended for advanced poker players. The Postflop+ GTO Poker Trainer is a sophisticated software for honing your postflop abilities according to the GTO.
The program mimics hands in cash games and tournaments. During training, you may pick the location and kind of preflop in many situations:
normal undrawn pot; 3-bet pot; a hand with a 4-bet on the flop; blind versus.
Postflop+ allows you to choose a lucrative move – a fold, a check, or a raise of a specified value – and displays the EV based on the GTO strategy.
PC Training Software
Equilab .
Available for free from PokerStrategy, which has helped many beginner players become successful pros. Equilab is ideal for beginner players who are still learning the rules. It is installed on your computer and contains essential tools for studying hand history.
The equity calculator computes the odds of winning against specified cards and opponent ranges. The beginning hand values are entered by the user. The calculator also considers the positions of the players and opponents.
The scenario analyzer determines equity for the postflop by going through potential card selections for each street. It also features the Equity Trainer functionality, which is a series of ready-made exams for testing your understanding. The user must evaluate the chance of winning in various circumstances and cross-check the answers with the proper indications.
Poker calculators cannot be utilized while the gaming clients of the rooms are active. You may provide the list of software that is restricted in the support.
Equilab is designed for sophisticated users who want to learn poker math and improve their strategy.
ICM Instructor
PokerStrategy created the program in two versions that may be installed on a PC. The streamlined Light program provides access to a series of ten lectures on the independent chip model. It is intended for tournament players who are comfortable with fundamental tactics.
In each lesson, you must answer a question about a specific circumstance by selecting one of two answers. After finishing the previous lesson satisfactorily, a new one becomes accessible. Most poker rooms do not prohibit opening this version while the gaming software is active.
The complete edition includes an expanded selection of lessons as well as an ICM Calculation tool that displays the calculations for the game examples. The user may insert his or her own data for computations.
ICM Trainer cannot be used with an open poker room client, and it is conceivable that the account may be blocked.

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