What is Planning Poker?

Planning Poker is also called Agile Poker. It is a team evaluation technique often used by agile teams to estimate the amount of effort or the relative size of development goals in software development.Planning Poker is a task evaluation technique for agile teams. It is performed using cards and resembles a game of poker.

Planning Poker was first described by one of the authors of the agile-manifesto, James Grenning, in his article.

⠀Planning Poker is conducted as follows:

⠀1. Each participant is given a deck of cards with numerical weights to assess requirements.

2. Discussion and evaluation of the next user story begins: it is read out, the team asks questions of the product owner, finds out details if necessary

3. Each team member gives his or her assessment by placing the card with its shirt up

4. After all team members have made their assessment, all cards are turned over and the scores are reconciled.

5. If all participants’ scores are the same, the consensus score is recorded in the wish list; otherwise, a re-discussion begins and a second round is held.

⠀Poker planning has significant advantages over similar planning techniques:

⠀- The entire team participates in the planning.

– Each team member has a voice without being influenced by more authoritative colleagues.

– All team members take responsibility for deadlines.

– Estimates obtained by PP are more accurate than those obtained by alternative methods of estimation.

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