Interstate Play Leads to a Spike in Traffic for PokerStars

PlayMichigan, a site that tracks the state’s legal online gaming industry, has released the data. In the months leading up to the implementation of the interstate compact of which the Great Lakes are currently a member, PokerStars saw peaks of traffic of about 900 users.

After the introduction of the Multi-State Internet Gambling Agreement or MSIGA, the media claims that PokerStars’ popularity has increased by more than double, surpassing 1,800 peak time players, leaving behind other local rivals like and BetMGM.

Interstate Competition: Not a Cure, but a Potential Breakthrough
Despite the fact that interstate play isn’t a foolproof method of generating revenue, it does provide a unique chance to unite poker fans in some of the most prominent iGaming jurisdictions and provide them the chance to compete against each other in a wider variety of games and tournaments.

Increases in both prize money and the number of players are attributable to the state’s decision to join the Multi-State Internet Gambling Association (MSIGA), which includes several other states, including Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey. This does not even take into account Pennsylvania, another state with a sizable poker fan base and a market share that PokerStars has held for several months.

Based on the current data, at least according to PlayMichigan’s metrics, the state of Michigan’s poker community is poised for growth, with PokerStars poised to take the lion’s share. Tournaments with up to $50,000 in prize money are now ongoing, giving MSIGA members a chance to show off their skills and compete for some serious cash.

The newest data show that Michigan’s decision to join the shared liquidity on January 1 is already paying dividends, giving the state a fantastic start to the year.


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